FREE Printables : 2016 Bill / Expenses Tracker for Planner

December 23, 2015

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Hello guys! Are you ready for 2016? I am so ready! I've re-do my planner setup and print 2016 monthly/weekly/anything inserts. I bought new planner supplies and my goodies from Black Friday are already here too! :)

And now, I'm here to share with you a free printable for your bill/expenses tracker. I think this is a very good way to be more organize if you have repeating bills every month. To be honest, I had trouble to go back and forth to check what bills I've paid and what's not on my weekly view.

The printable is for Personal size planner and must be printed in A4 paper in actual size. I've included bleed for easy cutting.

Download here :
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Don't forget to tag me on Instagram @kimchi_plans if you're using this printable.
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Free Printables : Erin Condren Inspired Weekly Insert for Personal Size

October 22, 2015

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Hey Guys! I'm back with free printable for you to download :) It's Erin Condren Inspired Weekly Insert. It's looking like this photo bellow. The weekly insert is undated. Feel free to use it on your own, if you want to share it, please share it using this URL : If you're planning to use it, don't forget to tag me on instagram @kimchi_plans I'd love to see how you decorate it :)

Instruction :
  1. Print in a A4 Paper size (Sorry, only available for this setting for now)
  2. In your printer setting, make sure you print it in "Actual Size".
  3. You can print it back and forth.
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Singapore Planner Supplies Haul

October 8, 2015

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Hello~ I'm back from Singapore and I bought a lot of planner supplies there - especially the one that is hard to find in Jakarta.
2015-10-06 09.30.27 1 First, Sticky notes and paper-y stuff. I admit the sticky notes (the one that's not from Daiso brand) is more expensive there but I just can't help it. I cannot find the ice cream ones in Jakarta. Aren't they the cutest? I almost buy everything but I have to control myself ;p 2015-10-05 01.50.13 1 Washi tapes and DECO RUSH!!! I cannot control my excitement when I saw them!! Too bad I visited Tokyu Hands on the last day, almost buy everything there :( I got my deco rush plus from Kinokuniya. The washi tapes are from Papermarket and that one box is from Kikki-K. Tokyu Hands also have them, but since my sister is going to Japan and I'm asking her to buy it for me, I didn't buy many washi tapes when I was in Singapore. 2015-10-05 04.01.04 1 Pens!!! The Uniball pens (the one in the middle) are cheaper than the one in Jakarta by a little bit :p I only bought the container because I already owned the refills. I also found Fountain pen at Tokyu Hands (second from the right). It writes so smoothly! I miss writing with fountain pen. The last time was like 20years ago .... This is the only thing I bought at TokyuHands. 2015-10-07 04.59.19 1 And some stuff I got from Artfriend. Clear block for stamping. By the time I got it, I haven't bought the clear stamps yet, hahaha. Luckily, someone from Indonesian Planner Community sold it when I was checking Instagram and I bought 2 sets, the brand is Love Doki. The magnets are for DIY Page marker. And you know what, better buy it at Daiso because it's only $2 and you will get a roll. I think I got it from Artfriend for $3-$4. And last one, Mini Corner punch. I bought one already from eBay on July but I haven't received my item until now ;_; I didn't want to wait anymore and I bought it immidiately for $9.50. *edit* I asked the seller yesterday and they refunded me. So, when I was in Singapore these are the stores that I visited : PaperMarket Plaza Singapura 68 Orchard Road Plaza Singapura B1-12 Singapore 238839 Art Friend Plaza Singapura 68 Orchard Road, B1-10/13, Singapore 238839 TOKYU HANDS SINGAPORE Orchard Central 181 Orchard Road, #B1-07, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896 Kinokuniya 391 Orchard Road, #04-20/20B/20C Ngee Ann City Takashimaya Shopping Centre   Not planner related, but I bought this colouring book by Johanna Basford 2015-10-03 07.07.44 1 2015-10-07 10.43.28 1 Colouring with watercolor because I don't have pencil color yet ;p
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Kikki-K Ice Blue Planner Medium

September 14, 2015

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Kikki-K Ice Blue Planner Meet my new baby, Kikki-K Ice Blue planner in medium size. I've known Kikki-K since I saw their store in Singapore but I never know about their planner until I discovered about it from the planner community. Kikki-K Ice Blue is their latest design. It's launched around July 2015. I bought this around late August and received the item 10 days after. I was surprised how fast the shipping was. In fact, I was surprised how fast indonesian postal service nowadays. I mean I usually wait around 1 month to have my stuff but not anymore now. These days you can 'push' the customer service on twitter and ask them about your package :p Well, they're still not perfect but at least our postal service is getting better :) Kikki-K Ice Blue Planner The cover is made from Saffiano leather. And what is Saffiano leather? Saffiano is a treated leather made with the texture pressed on it by a machine. It gives the leather a cross-hatch finish, which is a special diagonal pattern. This calf hide leather is also finished with a wax treatment. As a result, the leather is pretty much scratch resistant, durable and easy to clean.
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Free Printables : Mini Calendars for Your Planner

August 25, 2015

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Hello Planner Lovers, Last week I made some mini calendars for my planner while I was waiting for an appointment. I put these calendars in between my weekly inserts so I don't need to go back and forth to my front page. When the date has passed, I crossed the date so I know what day is today because I often forget about what date is today :D
It's only from August - November though. I will update again later and upload more freebies :)

Download Here :
PS : I ordered my first KIKKI.K planner!!!! YAY YAY YAY. I just received a shipping notice today. I hope I can get it soon :D
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My Planner Setup 2015

August 8, 2015

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Wow, it's been a month since my last post. And this post has been sitting on my draft for about 2 months untouched! Anyway, I'm so into organizing my life with planner at the moment. Thanks to instagram and etsy! Here's a bit of history back when I was still using planner in school. When I was in school, I already love writing in my organizer (we used to call it like that) but back then I didn't have the tools/skills to beautify my planner, it's kind of boring. And digital era makes everything easier. So the hobby just stopped. And a few months ago, I found a planner community on instagram by accident. I remember I used to have a small planner. I searched for it and I found an old planner of mine in my 'treasure box'. It's full of embarassing stuff and cheesy high school lifes journal. It's so embarassing! I don't even want to read them anymore. The planner I had is a pocket size/smallest size planner. Actually this pocket planner is too small for my daily activities. And then I  bought a new one  from instagram in personal size. It's not a branded planner but it has so many cute covers. I also found an unused planner in A5 size. It's a souvenir from a computer company but the cover is pretty classy, business-like. Not my fave tbh.  It's too big to bring it in my bag. I also remember I have a Starbucks planner that my boyfriend (now husband) gave to me but I forgot where I put it :( Still eyeing for Kikki K planners. I missed their sales a few months ago :( Oh well.. I'll be waiting for it next year :D I'm planning to get one in personal size when I visit Singapore in October. I hope there'll be new designs in store :D

Inside my personal planner

Planner Setup Above is my planner dashboard. I purchased the triangles dashoard from MyPaperLoveStudio on Etsy along with the "This week" and "Today" dividers.  I prefer to write in my weekly/daily inserts more. Planner Setup Here's my Monthly view. Usually at the beginning of the month, I don't have a lot of stuff to write and I don't usually update my monthly view regularly. Planner Setup This is my week #33 (next week). I'm testing a new planner insert with 'erin condren' look alike template. It's designed in a hurry and I'm not satisfied with the result. As you can see on the picture, I'm using my new MT washi tapes xD (except the blue one at the bottom). Planner Setup If you're curious how my week 32 looks like, here's the picture. I don't decorate my planner with cute stickers because I use my planner for works so there'll be a lot of scratches here and there ;p I think it's a waste to use cute stickers for this planner. I like my planner inserts simple so I could decorate it with washi tapes and stickers. But I bought my "TODAY" insert from Etsy shop, Ellemondesigns. I didn't have a TODAY insert before, everything is cluttered into the weekly page. It's so messy! I didn't have time to design one myself so I decided to purchase it. Of course, I'm very selective to my choice - am a hard to please kind of person -. I like her simple design and I think it matches my style. Plus, the insert has everything I need. It's so perfect! And by the way, my "today" view is plainly boring. mostly just my writing of daily schedule or what projects to be done by today.

Planner Goodies

Planner SetupI get my basic supplies from local shop here in Jakarta or buy them online.  My favourite pen to write on my planner is uniball (a BIG FAN of this brand!) I also tried to make it myself, like planner stickers or the paper clips. I really want to buy from etsy, but sometimes the shipping cost is killing my wallet :p If I can make it myself, no need to buy it ;) #FrugalLiving I'm trying my best not to spend too much money on planner supplies (*crossfinger*). But sometimes those cute stationaries are screaming at me to be bought. So... I can't help :D lol.   Planner Setup My personal favourite washi tapes. That's all for now :) I will try to update more :) Thanks for reading!
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