Getting a new camera soon

March 2, 2015

Long time no see, Blog!

I'm getting a new camera soon! yay! Finally after like 6-7 years using <strong>Canon S90</strong>, I decided it's time to get a new one. Most of the photos on <a href="" target="_blank">my Flickr</a> I took were taken using Canon s90.

After months of deciding which camera will accompany me for the next 4-5 years, I decided to go with <strong>Fujifilm X-M1</strong>. Actually I set my eyes on Samsung NX3000 first, then I was browsing Instagram one day and fell in love with the retro body of Fujifilm has. Fujifilm XM1 is not so new. It's released on 2013 and it's only 16 megapixel. I questioned myself will this camera be good enough? This camera is already 2 years old in the market. Will 16megapixel enough for the next 4 years?

A friend suggested to get Panasonic Lumix GM1 which is in the same range as XM1. It's touch screen function which XM1 doesn't have. But I still XM1 more.

I'm not sure which camera I buy, let's wait until I purchase it :D Will I get Samsung? Lumix? or Fuji?

I've been saving my money since I opened <a href="" target="_blank">my shop</a>. The business is doing pretty good, another reason why I want to buy a new camera. Plus I want to bring the camera for my upcoming holiday to Sulawesi Island *yay*


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