FREE Functional Planner Stickers

August 7, 2016

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Hello! I have another freebie for you. This time I decided to share with you a planner stickers for your planner. It consists of : meal planning for a week, bill reminder, colourful tabs, and also colourful checklist. Description :
  • Print this sticker sheet in a A4 paper size
  • This zip file consist of 1 PDF file and 1 JPG file (300 dpi)
Please Note :
  • For personal use only
  • Don't forget, always print your pdf file at 100%, sometimes PDF document automatically scale it to 97%. Make sure you change it to 100% first (print at original size - do not scale).

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Free Printables : Weekly Box Style Planner Inserts and Plan With Me Week 26 Video

June 25, 2016

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plan with me week26 Hi guys, I'm back! I just realized my last post was 4 months ago :D Today I am going to share with you my recent creation, it's a box style planner inserts on 2 pages. box style planner insert I just purchased a tripod too last week and I thought I'll also share with you my plan with me video using this insert and also free printables stickers that you can find on pinterest (don't forget to follow my board).

Notes : Print this on A4 paper size If you use this printable insert on your planner don't forget to tag me on instagram @kimchi_plans or using the tag #kimchiplansfreebies. Here's my version in my youtube channel
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Kikki K Leather Time Planner Medium WATERMELON

January 29, 2016

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Kikki K Watermelon Holla! This Kikki K planner is my recent haul from Kikki-K website. I got this 2016 LEATHER TIME PLANNER MEDIUM: WATERMELON  when it's on 50% SALE OFF and I couldn't resist the temptation. I made a promise myself before that I won't be needing another planner but when they put 'almost' everything on SALE, I told myself I must get this. I mean, come on it's 50% off

I had been using my Kikki K Perforated Ice Blue Planner and I've been looking for a pink one. This Watermelon planner is the closest thing they have. Actually it's not really pink, sometimes it looks pink sometimes peach. It's a bit hard to get the right picture on camera. But in real life it's really pretty! KIKKI K Watermelon Planner medium

Elastic Strap vs Button

Kikki K Planners Having both planner, I have to say I prefer the button one. The button planner doesn't deform the body of the planner while the elastic strap does. If you have quite a lot of stuff inside your planner, the edges are slightly bent. And also the strap is leaving a mark on the leather. But if you're okay with that, go ahead buy this version. kikki k watermelon planner

Kikki K Watermelon Planner Has Smaller Ring

This Kikki K Watermelon Planner has smaller ring compared to the button one. Which means I cannot have a lot of stuff inside my planner :( And also it cannot stay flat at first. You have to train it first. I didn't have to train my Ice Blue to lay flat. It's the main thing that bothered me when I found out about it. KIKKI K Watermelon Planner medium After almost 1 month using the Watermelon, I started to get use to it. Because I cannot bring a lot of stuff inside it, I'm used to bring a light planner. And yass it's so pretty!! <3
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