October 12, 2017

Seventeen Diamond Edge in Jakarta 170923

Seventeen has world tour this year and as a fan of these kids, I decided to go. YOLO! I don't know when I can go to their concert again since I'm old already (but it won't stop me). I didn't get BTS Wings Tour ticket earlier this year because I was so unlucky. So I prayed really hard this time *lol* and God helped me this time. Ticketing was easy. I managed to get into the website really fast and no drama at all. I secured 4 tickets. F-row with seat number 61-64. My friend also got the ticket but the seat number were larger than me. So I assumed mine is in the middle position, so we decided to let go my friend's booking. And it was the right decision because we're really in the middle of the stage and F-row is in front! I'm amazed by myself *good job self*.

September 3, 2017

Weekly Overview : Dream Home

I've been going to Tangerang area so frequently these days. My sister currently stays here until December. The other week, I went here with J because he had a meeting with his friend. Last week during Eid Adha holiday, we went here just to eat lunch at The Breeze. lol. And later this month, I will stay here for 1 night for Seventeen Diamond Edge concert. The concert will end around 9-10pm so I don't want to drive 2 hours with sleepy eyes. So I decided to book a hotel nearby.

Like the Law of Attraction philosophy, I hope by coming here so often I wish to buy our future home here :D

August 24, 2017

Cody | Updates on my 7 months Puppy

Untitled  Untitled Last time I wrote about Cody was when he was 4 months old. He's big now! I cannot believe how quickly he grow up. He doesn't look like a puppy now but a grown up dog. He just turned 7 months old this August. He learned so many things already. He's 6 kgs now and has a fat belly. His skin condition is pretty good now unlike before where he has many white patches around his body.

He could not climb the stairs before. I forgot when he could start climbing, I think it's around 5-6 months old. We were so desperate why he's so afraid to climb. He always cries for help before. We taught him how to climb and encourage him over and over again and finally the moment he could climb by himself without crying, we're so happy and worry at the same time. Because he could climb but cannot go down stairs. lol. So if he reached the final step and wanted to go down, he'd bark at us asking for help. But he's a fast learner. He can go down stairs by himself now :D

He can ask now. If we're eating, he'd be so curious and ask us to show him what we're eating. He loves the smell of our body lotion. He loves playing with his rubber ball. 

The next skill he developed  when he's 7 months old was recognizing people. Every time there's a new person inside the house, he'd bark at him/her and he'd hide behind us. He's still shy around new people, a bit scared but once the person started stroking him, he'd begin to open up. He'd bark at someone outside our house. Not often but occasionally.

And just now, at his 8 months old age, he started peeing by lifting one of his leg like every grown up dogs! *i'mso proud of youuuu* lol. He's still confused but I guess he will learn it slowly.

Don't grow up so fast, baby dog! :(

April 11, 2017

Week 14

This post is supposed to be written on Monday but I was so busy with work and I have no time to open my blog after I got home. I almost forgot what happened last week but I kept a note of everything in my BuJo.
  1. I didn't get BTS concert ticket :( I successfully placed the order in my cart and checked-out BUT I chose the wrong payment method. I chose BCA KlikPay and since the website traffic was really heavy, the payment failed and my ticket expired 3 hours later. OMG I was so heart broken. The ticket was right in front of me, I had the money, but I couldn't pay it. Lesson learned, next time I better pay using Bank Transfer! 
  2. There was a problem with my youtube earnings/google adsense thing.  I couldn't see my money from my March earning in my Adsense account. I contacted Youtube support team and they explained a little bit but I still think that it didn't answer my problem. I guess I'll have to wait until 18 April and contact them again if there's still no payment.
  3. IMG_3414
  4. I took Cody to get his 2nd vaccination at the vet. He was well behaved at the vet, a little bit scared of new environment. When we were inside, the nurse (?) held onto him and he screamed and crying as if someone was going to kidnap him. lol. I guess he's scared with new people. But when the vet shot him with the vaccine, he didn't cry at all. lol. My puppy is so cute :D
  5. Cody is allowed to eat fruits now. His first fruit was Papaya.
  6. IMG_3400
  7. Went to First Friday Mass and after that we went to my sister ex-high school to have lunch. I had Ketoprak. If you want to eat real Indonesian food with the best taste, go to local school. They have the real Indonesian Delicacies :p
  8. Went to Palm Sunday mass, can't believe it's Holy Week already! 

April 5, 2017

RSS Feed problem with Bloglovin

Here's another Tech Talk. So after I successfully migrated from Wordpress to Blogger yesterday, I found another problem. My Bloglovin Feed is not updating my blog. It doesn't show my new post that I wrote using the new platform.

I contacted Bloglovin support and they said my RSS Feed is invalid (you can check your feed here).

I googled the problem and could not find anything at first. Then someone mentioned that the problem is the geolocation in one of the post. Bloglovin cannot recognize geolocation so I removed my location, and voila! The feed is valid now. I'll test it after this.

April 3, 2017

Moving From Wordpres to Blogger

Today I will share my experience of migrating my posts from Wordpress to Blogger. It is not as easy as migrating Blogger to Wordpress or to (self host).

The reasons I want to move my blog to blogger :
  • Because opening wordpress is really slow from my place. It takes time to load the wordpress admin interface. I don't know why but maybe it's my internet connection or maybe my hosting.
  • I know a lot of people are migrating from Blogger to Wordpress for growing their blog, I help a lot of people to do that. But I just want to have a simple blog. I am not planning to grow this blog bigger. 
  • I already own a wordpress blog, I know many wordpress capabilities, I'm a Wordpress theme designer after all. lol. 
  • I always want a Blog
  • But I have to say, moving posts from Wordpress to Blogger is not an easy job to do. In Wordpress, you can use a plugin to migrate the content from Blogger. But what if you want to move your blog from Wordpress to Blogger? Blogger doesn't use plugin. This is one of Blogger shortfall.
You thought that is is as simple as exporting the content from Wordpress and upload it to Blogger directly?

It is not.

Blogger has different formating with Wordpress. You have to to convert your wordpress content to Blogger readable data.

I googled a way to convert and landed on a broken link site

What should I do next? I googled again. Someone was uploading the tools to convert but it runs on Phyton language. OMG I am not going to spend my time to study Phyton. So that's not an option.

So my last solution is uploading the post one by one manually. Yes, copy and paste the contents and images. Fortunately, I was not a very diligent blogger, I only have 32 posts from the past 2 years. LOL. I don't update this blog as frequently as my other blog. And all my images are hosted at Flickr, So I do not need to save the images to my computer again and re-upload it.

After finished migrating the content, now is time to migrate the domain. Migrating domain from one place to another is easy as pie. This is part of my service at my shop. I've been doing this frequently. And now as you can see, you can access my new blog at :)

Hopefully I will write often here. Finger crossed.