April 3, 2017

Moving From Wordpres to Blogger

Today I will share my experience of migrating my posts from Wordpress to Blogger. It is not as easy as migrating Blogger to Wordpress or to (self host).

The reasons I want to move my blog to blogger :
  • Because opening wordpress is really slow from my place. It takes time to load the wordpress admin interface. I don't know why but maybe it's my internet connection or maybe my hosting.
  • I know a lot of people are migrating from Blogger to Wordpress for growing their blog, I help a lot of people to do that. But I just want to have a simple blog. I am not planning to grow this blog bigger. 
  • I already own a wordpress blog, I know many wordpress capabilities, I'm a Wordpress theme designer after all. lol. 
  • I always want a Blog
  • But I have to say, moving posts from Wordpress to Blogger is not an easy job to do. In Wordpress, you can use a plugin to migrate the content from Blogger. But what if you want to move your blog from Wordpress to Blogger? Blogger doesn't use plugin. This is one of Blogger shortfall.
You thought that is is as simple as exporting the content from Wordpress and upload it to Blogger directly?

It is not.

Blogger has different formating with Wordpress. You have to to convert your wordpress content to Blogger readable data.

I googled a way to convert and landed on a broken link site

What should I do next? I googled again. Someone was uploading the tools to convert but it runs on Phyton language. OMG I am not going to spend my time to study Phyton. So that's not an option.

So my last solution is uploading the post one by one manually. Yes, copy and paste the contents and images. Fortunately, I was not a very diligent blogger, I only have 32 posts from the past 2 years. LOL. I don't update this blog as frequently as my other blog. And all my images are hosted at Flickr, So I do not need to save the images to my computer again and re-upload it.

After finished migrating the content, now is time to migrate the domain. Migrating domain from one place to another is easy as pie. This is part of my service at my shop. I've been doing this frequently. And now as you can see, you can access my new blog at :)

Hopefully I will write often here. Finger crossed.

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