February 11, 2018

FREE Printable Simple Planner Stickers Black and White


Since I cannot find a simple printable stickers that I like, I decided to design it myself and share with you guys. The design process is very simple and everyone can print this at home. The stickers can fit PeanutsPlannerCo insert box (that's why I decided to design it in the first place so it can fit in the box perfectly). But you can use it for other inserts too.

Each sticker is 4 cm x 0.75 cm. You can print this on A4 sticker paper. Download link at the bottom of the page :)

If you have any printable requests, leave your comment down bellow.

  • For personal use only
  • Don't forget, always print your pdf file at 100%, sometimes PDF document automatically scale it to 97%. Make sure you change it to 100% first (print at original size - do not scale). 

Download Now :

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