Went to Westlife Concert

Got free tickets so I went to my only concert in 2023. Westlife was one of my favorite boybands when I grew up, I know most of their famous songs but not their recent ones but still I enjoyed the concert. It was a nice experience to watch concert beside K-Pop. It’s been so long since my last non K-Pop concerts so I’m kind of forgot how it feels like. Looking forward to watch Music Travel Love concert this year, hopefully I can watch it 😀

Konser yang nontonya dari layar handphone orang. Pada ngangkat handphone setinggi harapan bunda 😩

Got a New Desk

I finally got a new desk from IKEA.The desks were on SALE so I got the Trotten at a very good price.

Learn Korean

l took an online course and joined their Beginner class. It was easy at first but then we started learning the honorifics, the grammar, omaigod it’s hard. I should re-join the beginner class again this year to repeat the level because I feel like I failed my class, it’s just too hard 🥲 After the class ended, I stayed away from my Korean language books 🤣 I no longer touching my Korean books until now.

Adulting Problem

House-related problem. No clean water for more than a week. It was such a traumatic event. Made me thinking: No clean water or No electricity? Hopefully not both. Imagine the horror 😱

Online Concerts Era

Thanks to the Covid era, now most K-Pop groups are streaming their concert live. In 2023, I watched a lot of Seventeen online concerts and fan meetings, and also Infinite! Sadly, no offline K-Pop concerts this year for me

Joined a Bazaar😞

Joined a 17-an Bazaar in my neighborhood. Our first time, need more preparation next time. But it’s such a good experience!

Read a book

I only finished 1 book this year 🤪 I read “Perkumpulan Anak Luar Nikah”. I recommend this book. This is the fastest book I finished. Hopefully, I will read more books in 2024.

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