Me and my husband went to Singapore around end of September 2015. Singapore is the most frequent country we like to visit. We could go there once a year just because it’s near to our country 😀 When we arrived the weather was not good because of the haze from my own country *so embarassing*. The cloud was all grey but thankfully the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) was not really high like days before. Garden by The Bay We went here on the second day around the afternoon to catch up the Lantern festival. Singapore Singapore Singapore Singapore Singapore After GBTB, we spent the night at Orchard Road having $1 ice cream. Since it’s not holiday season, the area was not too crowded and it’s almost 10pm too :p Singapore Sentosa Island On Friday, we went to Sentosa Island. Basically it was just for killing time before going to the SEA Aquarium and Halloween Horror Nights. As you can see, the cloud was really dark almost like cloudy. And I just knew that they have Madame Tussaud here in Singapore. But I didn’t go, the admission was pricey ;p Didn’t plan to go here, might include this museum on our Thailand trip next year. Singapore Singapore S.E.A Aquarium We’ve never been here before. So we thought it’s a good experience to see what’s inside. Turns out it’s a beautiful place. Singapore Singapore Singapore Singapore Universal Studio Singapore : Halloween Horror Nights 5 YAY! After 5 years, we finally experienced the Halloween Horror Nights! It’s an annual event held by Universal Studio. The HHN5 trailer looked so promising and scary. We went there on the opening night and it’s so crowded with teenagers! Many of them went with a group of friend. I didn’t see a lot of tourists, mostly locals. The show started at 7pm but I queued already an hour before. Once inside, you can go inside the haunted houses, scare zones, and live entertainments. There’re people who will dress like ghosts according to the area theme. There were 4 mazes (haunted house) this year : True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT, The Tunnel People, Hell House, Siloso Gateway Block 50. The queue to each houses were different. I suggest that you queue earlier to the one you want to see the most. I only managed to see The Tunnel People. Based on my experience, the longest queue will take around 1,5 hours 😐 insane, right?! And there’re 3 scare zones :  CONTermination, Hungry Ghosts, The Invaders. I didn’t go to CONTermination. Hungry Ghosts were scary enough. And The Invaders are just men dressing in Aliens. Not scary at all. Singapore Singapore Okay, honestly, HHN is more suitable to teenagers than married couple. LOL :)) And the ghosts were not as scary as I imagined before, they just surprise you. They will not touch you, they will just follow you and whisper in your ear. And yeah we can play some of the rides too! It was my first time trying the Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON. My husband insisted we must play this ride. I hesitated at first but my hubby convinced me that it’s safe and I also said to myself “I’m 30 now, now or never”. And hubby was right. IT WAS FUN! Too bad after we finished the “HUMAN” ride, the CYCLON was closed for maintenance 🙁 When we’re about to go home, the ride was opened but the queue was 1.5 hours wait 🙁 Well, next time maybe 🙂 Tips to go to USS HHN next year :

  1. Buy the ticket in advance
  2. Queue early
  3. Eat dinner before entering the venue, because you don’t want to waste time by queueing for dinner
  4. After you enter the venue, queue for the rides/haunted house you want to see the most first before trying something else. It gets more and more crowded later.

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