Kikki K Watermelon Holla! This Kikki K planner is my recent haul from Kikki-K website. I got this 2016 LEATHER TIME PLANNER MEDIUM: WATERMELON  when it’s on 50% SALE OFF and I couldn’t resist the temptation. I made a promise myself before that I won’t be needing another planner but when they put ‘almost‘ everything on SALE, I told myself I must get this. I mean, come on it’s 50% off

I had been using my Kikki K Perforated Ice Blue Planner and I’ve been looking for a pink one. This Watermelon planner is the closest thing they have. Actually it’s not really pink, sometimes it looks pink sometimes peach. It’s a bit hard to get the right picture on camera. But in real life it’s really pretty! KIKKI K Watermelon Planner medium

Elastic Strap vs Button

Kikki K Planners Having both planner, I have to say I prefer the button one. The button planner doesn’t deform the body of the planner while the elastic strap does. If you have quite a lot of stuff inside your planner, the edges are slightly bent. And also the strap is leaving a mark on the leather. But if you’re okay with that, go ahead buy this version. kikki k watermelon planner

Kikki K Watermelon Planner Has Smaller Ring

This Kikki K Watermelon Planner has smaller ring compared to the button one. Which means I cannot have a lot of stuff inside my planner 🙁 And also it cannot stay flat at first. You have to train it first. I didn’t have to train my Ice Blue to lay flat. It’s the main thing that bothered me when I found out about it. KIKKI K Watermelon Planner medium After almost 1 month using the Watermelon, I started to get use to it. Because I cannot bring a lot of stuff inside it, I’m used to bring a light planner. And yass it’s so pretty!! <3

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