This post is supposed to be written on Monday but I was so busy with work and I have no time to open my blog after I got home. I almost forgot what happened last week but I kept a note of everything in my BuJo.

  1. I didn’t get BTS concert ticket 🙁 I successfully placed the order in my cart and checked-out BUT I chose the wrong payment method. I chose BCA KlikPay and since the website traffic was really heavy, the payment failed and my ticket expired 3 hours later. OMG I was so heart broken. The ticket was right in front of me, I had the money, but I couldn’t pay it. Lesson learned, next time I better pay using Bank Transfer! 
  2. There was a problem with my youtube earnings/google adsense thing.  I couldn’t see my money from my March earning in my Adsense account. I contacted Youtube support team and they explained a little bit but I still think that it didn’t answer my problem. I guess I’ll have to wait until 18 April and contact them again if there’s still no payment.
  3. IMG_3414

  4. I took Cody to get his 2nd vaccination at the vet. He was well behaved at the vet, a little bit scared of new environment. When we were inside, the nurse (?) held onto him and he screamed and crying as if someone was going to kidnap him. lol. I guess he’s scared with new people. But when the vet shot him with the vaccine, he didn’t cry at all. lol. My puppy is so cute 😀
  5. Cody is allowed to eat fruits now. His first fruit was Papaya.
  6. IMG_3400

  7. Went to First Friday Mass and after that we went to my sister ex-high school to have lunch. I had Ketoprak. If you want to eat real Indonesian food with the best taste, go to local school. They have the real Indonesian Delicacies :p
  8. Went to Palm Sunday mass, can’t believe it’s Holy Week already! 

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