Untitled  Untitled Last time I wrote about Cody was when he was 4 months old. He’s big now! I cannot believe how quickly he grow up. He doesn’t look like a puppy now but a grown up dog. He just turned 7 months old this August. He learned so many things already. He’s 6 kgs now and has a fat belly. His skin condition is pretty good now unlike before where he has many white patches around his body.

He could not climb the stairs before. I forgot when he could start climbing, I think it’s around 5-6 months old. We were so desperate why he’s so afraid to climb. He always cries for help before. We taught him how to climb and encourage him over and over again and finally the moment he could climb by himself without crying, we’re so happy and worry at the same time. Because he could climb but cannot go down stairs. lol. So if he reached the final step and wanted to go down, he’d bark at us asking for help. But he’s a fast learner. He can go down stairs by himself now 😀

He can ask now. If we’re eating, he’d be so curious and ask us to show him what we’re eating. He loves the smell of our body lotion. He loves playing with his rubber ball. 

The next skill he developed  when he’s 7 months old was recognizing people. Every time there’s a new person inside the house, he’d bark at him/her and he’d hide behind us. He’s still shy around new people, a bit scared but once the person started stroking him, he’d begin to open up. He’d bark at someone outside our house. Not often but occasionally.

And just now, at his 8 months old age, he started peeing by lifting one of his leg like every grown up dogs! *i’mso proud of youuuu* lol. He’s still confused but I guess he will learn it slowly.

Don’t grow up so fast, baby dog! 🙁

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