After a few weeks debating with myself which one I should get first: Moterm ring planner or a new Traveler’s notebook cover, I decided to get the TN 😀 Next problem: Kyoto edition (blue) or Brown TN. I already owned a blue TN cover and I don’t have the brown yet, so I chose Brown. The Olive is also beautiful but it’s hard to get one because it’s limited edition 🙁 It’s still available somewhere out there in the world… but it’s limited and the shipping fee is ridiculous ;;;;


I bought this new TN from Singapore, the same shop where I purchased my Camel TN cover. The shipping was pretty fast! Around 10-14 days. I’m satisfied with their service but too bad they don’t carry the collaboration TN like Kyoto Edition, Starbucks Reserve, etc 🙁

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