Seventeen has world tour this year and as a fan of these kids, I decided to go. YOLO! I don’t know when I can go to their concert again since I’m old already (but it won’t stop me). I didn’t get BTS Wings Tour ticket earlier this year because I was so unlucky. So I prayed really hard this time *lol* and God helped me this time. Ticketing was easy. I managed to get into the website really fast and no drama at all. I secured 4 tickets. F-row with seat number 61-64. My friend also got the ticket but the seat number were larger than me. So I assumed mine is in the middle position, so we decided to let go my friend’s booking. And it was the right decision because we’re really in the middle of the stage and F-row is in front! I’m amazed by myself *good job self*.

We went to Tangerang on Saturday, checked in my hotel first so my sister/mom can rest while I go to the concert, then had lunch at SAGAMI, Aeon BSD. We ordered Chicken Katsu Toji Don, Chicken Teriyaki Teshoku (There’s Soba in this set menu but it’s tasteless – is it supposed to taste like that? not a good experience for first timer), and Chicken Katsu curry rice. The portion was big, taste was okay, and it’s quite pricey after tax and service.

SVT DE JKT 170923SVT DE JKT 170923SVT DE JKT 170923

After lunch, I parted with my fam and met my friends, have dessert and went straight to ICE because it’s almost concert time.

SVT DE JKT 170923 SVT DE JKT 170923
SVT DE JKT 170923
We entered the concert hall around 5 pm and walked to our seat. I think Row A-B-C are for sponsors or media. But not all rows are filled, only 1 row and I think it’s B. So my view was great. I can see the stage clearly especially if the boys go to the front stage.

This is definitely gonna appear on Going Seventeen


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