I’m designing a new theme for my shop so it means … I get a chance to try it out first on my website! Yay! There’re some parts that still need adjustment. But overall I’m satisfied with the result. I always love designing themes in my favorite color, pink blush 😀

I told my friend the other day, designing a new theme is some kind of therapy for me. I was busy with my projects these past 2-3 months, designing my own theme is like a short getaway. I get to decide the color myself, decide the layout, and decide the deadline too. I am my own boss 😀 There’s no pressure when doing this.

Some part of this blog design is still unfinished. Blame the slow internet connection.

I decided to start writing in English again, maybe mix it with Indonesian too! Nobody read this blog anymore so who cares :p

Christmas next week and Seventeen concert is in 2 weeks! Can’t wait 🙂

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