This year is my second time exchanging gifts because last year my friends started doing this kind of thing. I don’t want to be the last one sending so I should prepare it beforehand.

I have prepared this since the end of November, but usually not all shops have the Christmas package yet, I have to wait until the first or second week of December.

Then I set the budget. Eliminate the shop that doesn’t make it into my budget 😀

I don’t want to send out food that has a short expiry date. Due to high demand / holiday season, the shipping couriers usually take longer time to arrive than usual. I experienced this situation last week but luckyly it’s biscuit. My order came in late. It was supposed to arrive on Thursday before I met my friend on Friday. But there’s a problem with the courier so my order arrived on the following week. And the boxes were a bit damaged too. Now I have to wait until my friend return from her holiday 🙁

For my friend who lives outside the island, I planned to send her non food gift. It’s a bit hard to find what to send other than reed diffuser or other wewangian lol 😛 I took me 2 days to browse T*ped and finally I decided to send her a tea hampers set :)) Hopefully she will like it! I keep checking the shipping tracking because it’s been 4 days and my gift has not arrived yet until now.

So much drama for Christmas gifts. This is giving me anxiety. Stresss~~~

This post should be a self reminder for next year to be better.

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